The dolphicam2+is capable of high-resolution imaging and precise measurements for a wide range of material types including composites, metals and multi materials. With a straightforward, quick to deploy, user-friendly system, technicians of all experience levels can generate analysis-ready images of materials in real time for quick decision making.

The dolphicam2+ consists of a rugged 14” DT340T tabletwith a combined table stand and Black Box mounting bracket on its rear.A kick stand allows you to prop your device at almost any angle that’s convenient for you. The Toughpadhas a daylight-readable display with gloved-multitouch and waterproof digitizer pen.

The dolphicam2+software is unique among NDT packages, designed from the ground up to complement the imaging capabilities of the platform. Ultrasonic images are shown not just using conventional signal amplitudes, but also as time of flight, opening up a world of instant, color-coded thickness mapping. This is helped further by the live 3D characterizationview, which instantly enhance visualization and can be readily interpreted by different levels of end-users.

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