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ROBINCA is a versatile measurement system, robotized for large bore gun barrel. It combines visual inspection with non-contact diameter measurement. Where required by inspection procedures, a laser pit depth scanning is applied. Being able to change a barrel at the right time, provides a real-time possibility to assess the battle readiness or state of life a gun system. At the same time maintain cost control. ROBINCA system features:
  • Full diameter measurement in groove, caliber and in smooth bore.
  • Applicability for all gun bore dimensions including chamber.
  • Non-contact measurement technique with micrometer resolution.
  • Software assisted inspection. Ability to inspect visually during movement between predefined measurement positions.
  • Automatic motorized longitudinal movement.
  • Picture documentation of barrel interior details.
  • Instant report presentation. Modular design.
  • ROBINCA is robust and reliable.
  • All calibers from 4,6mm rifle barrel to 155mm howitzer, all based on the same technology and platform.
ROBINCA has had a decisive importance by implementation and quality control of new ammunition and weapon systems and manufactures.
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