G5 Mass Rescue Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden

Last week Dacon Maritime Rescue Equipment participated in the G5 Mass Rescue Conference in Sweden. The conference is arranged by the International Maritime Rescue Federation (IMRF) and hosted by the Swedish Sea Rescue Society (SSRS).
Search-and-rescue personnel from all over the world meet to discuss topical issues with some of the world’s leading mass rescue operations experts.

A live mass rescue exercise was held on the water, just outside the SSR’s headquarters. Here, all delegates were invited to take an active part. I.e. Dacon`s representative joined as a crew member onboard one of the rescue vessels.
After the rescue exercise and its subsequent debrief, the conference continued with various presentations of pressing issues, i.e. mental health, plan for MRO’s and sharing experiences of MRO’s, including the well known rescue operation of Viking Sky.

All in all, the conference was an interesting and educational event involving rescue personell from around the world to share experience and their knowledge of saving lives at sea.

Thanks to SSRS and IMRF for a well executed event.

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