The Dacon Scrambling Net is a man overboard recovery equipment, being used on Standby and Rescue vessels all over the world. The rescue net enables persons in distress to climb to safety. It is a rigid rope net that provides a more stable, non-slip climbing and grip surface compared to other more traditional rope scrambling nets. The rigid rungs combined with heavy duty webbing makes the climbing net significantly easier to climb, as the shape will stay the same and not "collapse" when climbing it. The rigid rope net is of extremely robust design and with a very low total lifecycle cost, which makes this type of man overboard recovery equipment ideal for its users.

Distance wheels provide distance to the ship side for an easy grip and foot hold. Internal weight in the bottom rung provides stability in the water for easy entry. As an additional feature the Dacon Scrambling Net can be provided with hauling lines for active recovery of casualties that are unable to climb to safety.

The climbing net can be delivered with an optional fold-over installation frame to make installation of the man overboard recovery equipment even easier, and provides a 0,25 m distance between the rigid rope net and the ship side.

The Dacon Scrambling Net can be provided in an all-black design for Navy vessels.