Dacon Rescue Scoop RSA is the offshore model used by most Standby Vessels in the North Sea and Canada. It is a large semi-rigid rescue net operated by a standard deck crane. The Scoop is suspended from the ship's side and it provides an effective, rough weather recovery system with a rescue reach of about 4-6 m depending on dimensions and crane reach. The casualty is recovered in a horizontal position with full body support to avoid further injury or shock.

In order for the system to be efficient and safe for the crew, the deployment height should be 2,5-5 m, preferably more than 3 m. It is usually deployed from the bulwark to provide protection for the crew working in the Rescue Zone. Each Dacon Rescue Scoop is tailored to the vessel in question so please contact us with a GA drawing in order to find a suitable solution for your vessel.

The equipment is compactly stowed in a crib on the inside of the railing or on top of/inboard of the cargo rail depending on vessel design. The Scoop is light-weight and flexible and provides a gentle recovery also for injured, exhausted or unconscious persons in the water.

More than 400 vessels have been fitted with the Dacon Rescue Scoop and it has proven it's value in extreme environments in the North for many years.