DNV TEC certified and is compliant with Solas Reg. 111/17-1 & Subchapter M requirement §140.425 Fall overboard prevention (a).

The Dacon Rescue Frame is a manual rescue net used on rescue crafts for gentle and effective recovery of exhausted, seriously injured or even unconscious persons from the water. The rescue net enables a man overboard recovery in a horizontal position and is quick and easy to handle for rescue personnel. A horizontal recovery position ensures a full body support, which might be decisive in reducing the possibility of shock and aggravation of injuries associated with the recovery of hypothermic- and seriously injured casualties.

It is a well- known fact that lifting a casualty, with wet clothes from the water up into a rescue boat, is heavy and can be very difficult even with a low freeboard. Using a Dacon Rescue Frame that is attached to the rescue craft`s railing, enables the person operating it to only need to lift half the weight of the person in distress. The cradle is quick, efficient to use and saves valuable time in a critical situation. When rolled up for storage, the rescue net takes up a minimum of space and will not hinder passage even on smaller rescue crafts. The rescue cradle can also be used as a scrambling net for persons that are able to climb onboard. 

The man overboard recovery system is very intuitive to use and requires only a brief introduction.

The Dacon Rescue Frame is provided in a standard red/white edition for rescue craft as well as an all-black edition for navy, coast guard and police authorities etc.