The Dacon Rescue Dummy is probably the best and most realistic training dummy or manikin developed for water rescue training. Previously, while conducting training on various rescue equipment provided to customers, we often came across different types of rescue training manikins made of filled coveralls or other training dummies which had a very light weight and a low resemblance to a real human body.

As a response we developed a rescue training manikin or dummy with the following key features:

  • Realistic height (1,9 m) and weight (up to 85 kg)
  • Realistic joints, with restricted limb movements similar to human`s
  • Extremely rugged - The rescue dummy survives a drop from a platform`s helicopter deck  and other rough usage
  • Test dummy adjustable to float horizontally or vertically in the water 
  • Also available with a negative buoyancy for underwater SAR training
  • Drainable training manikin for lighter weight during i.e. transport or storage

The Dacon Rescue Dummy is in use on ships and in training centres all over the world as well as Fire Departments, Police, Diver training and many others.

The rescue manikin or dummy can be provided with a yellow (standard) or grey (for advanced SAR) PVC coverall.