Dacon has for close to 40 years been developing and manufacturing maritime rescue equipment for all types of vessels and smaller boats. We have supplied our Dacon Rescue Systems to operators in more than 20 countries worldwide. Our maritime rescue equipment is well known for its innovative and high- quality design, and DNV TEC Certified. The focus of our lifesaving appliances has always been on man overboard rescue equipment. Our rescue systems are designed to minimize risk to the crew, whilst maximising the chance for a successful rescue. 

Please browse our man overboard rescue products section. We have lifesaving appliances for most types of vessels, from small Rescue Crafts to Standby Vessels, ferries and utility crafts. Our extensive experience in producing man overboard rescue equipment while working with the offshore industry in the North Sea and North Atlantic ensures our rescue systems performs as planned even in severe weather. 

All our lifesaving appliances are produced in Norway and we are continously working with R&D to develop innovative and efficent rescue systems.

Got special requirements? Our products are in accordance with most legislations.
Please contact us and together we will find the best maritime rescue equipment to meet your needs.