Gun Barrel Management System

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Gun Barrel Management System (GBMS) is a database and analysis software that collects and contains measurement data from the Robinca system or other measurement tools. GBMS compiles management data from measurement data and displays the data for decision making. GBMS provides interface to other military records. This is to support the Armed Forces service organization and weapon experts in their assessment and evaluation of condition and quality of the individual weapon system or the global fleet. Safety and operational availability will improve and maintained in the best possible way by not exceeding tolerances. Wear and damage can be detected before they cause accidents or provide poor performance during a mission. The GBMS contributes to optimal management and service efficiency, provides an overview of the status of the Armed Forces material, budgeting, preservation and distribution of competence and experience across the Armed Forces organizations. GBMS has also focus on supporting the measurement process and the subsequent evaluation of the barrel quality, wear pattern and operational status, as well as documentation of the measurement data, images and remarks from the experts. The database is designed to give a full view of a fleet and supports all bases and competent authority. GBMS is an extremely powerful, yet very user-friendly and simple to understand analysis tool that helps an organization keep total control.
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