Real3D Measurement

Real3D measurement combines fully surfaced point cloud visualization, advanced measurement algorithms and an insightful 3D Surface Mask to enable more accurate and repeatable measurement decisions. Choose from three measurement technologies (3D Phase, 3D Stereo and traditional stereo).

Each of these technologies is compatible with some or all of our measurement types to help get the measurement needed in multiple applications. They include basics like length, depth point to line and area, but also specialty types including depth profile, area depth profile and measurement plane. Real3D Measurement also utilizes a dynamic warning system that helps guide inspectors and avoid unintended errors.

3D Phase Measurement
Using patented structured-light technology, 3D Phase Measurement enables inspectors to locate, measure, and analyze an indication using the same tip optic. The wide field of view and large depth of field allow for measuring with the same tips used for inspecting, thus eliminating the extra steps required to back out, change the tip, and then relocate the indication. In effect, 3D Phase Measurement provides accurate measurement “on-demand” while saving time and increasing overall inspection productivity. 3D Phase Measurement employs structured light patterns projected from the tip to create a 3D surface scan of the viewing area and can measure all aspects of surface indications.

• View and manipulate a 3D point cloud for detailed assessment of surface shape and measurement correctness
• Full-screen viewing of measurement image for greater resolution
• Navigate, inspect and measure without changing probes or tip optics
• Available on 6.1 mm diameter probes
• Green side view tip provides ability to measure larger areas
3D Stereo Measurement
3D Stereo Measurement utilizes the same optical tips as traditional Stereo Measurement, but employs more advanced calibration and processing algorithms to generate a full 3D point cloud representation of the target surface that can be viewed, manipulated, and analyzed.

• More accurate, precise measurement compared to traditional or manually matched stereo measurement
• Provides better matching capabilities than Stereo Measurement on horizontal and repeating indications
• View the camera image and 3D point cloud side-by-side for highly efficient measurement analysis
• Measure effectively on shiny (or highly-reflective) surfaces which include detail, especialy when using dark boost
• Measure on surfaces with some minor movement present
• Available on 4.0, 6.1 and 8.4 mm probe diameters
Stereo Measurement
Traditional stereo measurement, which, like 3D Stereo, utilizes a patented prism to obtain left and right stereo images from slightly different perspectives. The matching of surface points in the left and right images at the cursor locations allows 3D coordinates and measurement results to be computed. This technology, available for more than a decade, is useful on systems with limited computing power, but does not provide a 3D point cloud and therefore limits the inspector’s ability to assess measurement quality.
Comparison Measurement
A more traditional 2D measurement technology that uses a physical reference target placed by the manufacturer or inspector at the same tip to target distance as the indication.
PC Re-Measurement
Using software such as Inspection Manager to conduct post-inspection image measurement and analysis on a stored image. Today, re-measurement capabilities are also available on-device using the Mentor Visual iQ system or on PC.

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