Mentor Visual iQ

Mentor Visual iQ is the world’s most advanced video borescope.

Mentor Visual iQ, the world’s most advanced video borescope, is packed with features to help you make better decisions about critical assets and improve inspection productivity. The system is portabel, lightweight and ergonomic and designed to IP55 (disassembled) / IP67 (assembled), MIL STD 461F and MIL STD 810G standards. The system is very flexible and can be upgraded with single functions or complete packages. 

Interchangeable water tight 4.0mm, 6.1mm and 8.4mm diameter probes available in multiple lengths to suit a variety of industries and applications. In addtion to this a boroscope adapter is available for attachment and integration of ridged- and fiber boroscopes. The new SUPER HAD CCD video imager delivers in combination with a new image processing system a cristal clear image on the active matrix XGA color LCD screen. MVIQ has an intuitive tip steering which helps the operator navigating through the inspection object. The improved Menu Directed Inspection (MDI) software in 14 languages digitally guides inspectors through the inspection process, intelligently names files and creates MS Word® and PDF compatible inspection reports.

Easy to operate using either optically bonded multipoint touchscreen and on-screen keyboard, or ergonomic joystick and hard keys. A (wireless) keyboard and mouse can also be linked up the the system for efficient data entry. The new automatic ANR (adaptive noice reduction) and POD (possibility of detection) modules, let's the operator improve and choose the best image for every inspection. A temperature waring system is integrated in the probe tip. The system comes with a 2 hours capicity lithium ion battery. 

The build inn WiFi and BlueTooth receiver enables wireless file transfer to a PC or server. With the new InspectionWorks Connect module the operator can invite colleagues, 3rd party or product experts live into the inspection. The inspection participants can view the inspection live and can cumminicate via chat or VoIP (voice). 

  • Mentor Visual iQ
  • Mentor Visual iQ
  • Mentor Visual iQ
  • Mentor Visual iQ
  • Mentor Visual iQ
  • Mentor Visual iQ
  • Mentor Visual iQ
  • Mentor Visual iQ
Mentor Visual iQ Inspect
Best in class image quality and connectivity at a value price
Hard button/joystick interface
IP65 / MIL-810 field durability and ruggedness
QuickChange battery pack
• Wi-Fi/Bluetooth
• Network drive mapping
• InspectionWorks live-streaming ready
Comparison Measurement
PC Re-measurement with Inspection Manager 2.0
Can be upgraded to Touch or Analyze configurations
Mentor Visual iQ Touch
Improve productivity with quick change probes and touch screen
MViQ Inspect spec
16 GB internal memory
QuickChange probes
6.2mm working channel probe available
Compatible with Custom Probes, i.e., LongSteer, UV, etc
Menu Directed Inspection image management and reporting
Touchscreen interface
Mentor Visual iQ Analyze
Our most capable VideoProbe with 3D Phase Measurement, extreme image quality and greater Probability of Detection.
MViQ Touch spec
3D Phase Measurement
3D Stereo Measurement
Stereo Measurement
Probability of Detection Suite
• HDR Image Quality - View & Save
• Adaptive Noise Reduction
• Distortion Correction with Wide FOV tips
• Image Transform Presets