Dacon's Mission
Dacon is a company under continuous development. From day one we have been known as problem solvers, and all Dacon's products and services through the years have been developed due to interests, customer needs and technology, for the most demanding industries as offshore, shipping, and military defence.

Diving Services

Dacon AS was founded in 1979 as a diving company named Dacon Sub Sea AS, with 7 share holders all working in or for the company. 

Maritime Rescue Training Courses

In 1980 Dacon started to arrange courses in maritime first aid and rescue technique for peronell on standby- and supply vessels in the North Sea.

The courses had a high degree of practical training and made the basis for training programmes used on all maritime schools and training centres today. The courses were also exported to other countries, e.g. Canada, by education of instructors.

Production of Dacon Rescue Equipment

The Maritime rescue training courses in the begginning of the 1980's gave Dacon valuable knowledge within rescue equipment and rescue techniques under demanding weather conditions in the North Sea. This inspired Dacon to develop different types and models of professional man-overboard rescue equipment. Today the Dacon Rescue Systems are well known all over the world and are manufactured by Dacon in Norway. Dacon Rescue Systems are also used to recover refugees swimming in the sea between North and South Korea as well as from Africa to Spain over Gibraltar. 

Deliveries of miscellaneous safety equipment for stand-by vessels and offshore platforms has also been an important part of Dacon's business. Dacon have delivered complete packages to offshore projects, including projecting, development and documentation, in addition to the actual equipment deliveries.

Professional Handlamps and Protective Cases

In 1986 Dacon started importing flashlights for distribution through dealers and wholesalers in Norway. Pelican Products (today Peli Products in Europe) and Maglite made the start of a sales department which has specialized on handlamps and portable lighting for the professional market, with ATEX approved products as our speciality. Today Dacon exclusively represents the quality brands Peli and Wolf in Norway and is a leading distributor within this field.

Peli Products is also manufacturer of waterproof and extremely robust equipment cases, and this product line has come to be one of Dacon's largest. Today we offer both standard cases and complete custom solutions for the best possible protection of valuable equipment. In 2013 the foam converting specialist Teecon Spesialkofferter AS was acquired in order to develop this cusom service further.

The Lights & Cases department has increased their product range by related products as for instance portable industial ventilators.

Inspection Equipment and Special Camera Solutions

Visual inspection under water was one of Dacon's main services when the company was established. When the focus was moved above the water surface, the development of our visual inspection services and products took off. Since 1990 Dacon has been dealing with import and development of specialized camera solutions as well as visual inspection equipment and services.

Today Dacon is a leading importer and supplier of instruments for technical inspections, offering sales, service, rental, supervision and training. Together with the Norwegian Defence Dacon has also developed an advanced gun barrel measurement system.

The latest addition to our product line is pipe renewal products.

Sub Sea and Diving Technology

In 2013 a new department was established within sub sea and diving technology. Our goal is to become a leading, independent supplier of high quality equipment to the professional market with distribution through wholesalers and dealers.


Other Dacon Companies in Norway and Other Countries

Dacon Inspection AS

In 1992 all services within diving and ispection was separated into a new company. Today this company is called Dacon Services AS and is situated at Haslum outside Oslo.

Dacon Inspection Services Ltd. Pte.

In 1994 Dacon established a company in Singapore offering inspection services, which soon developed to include Malaysia and Thailand. Today Dacon Inspection Services have all together 250 employees with main office in Thailand and daughter companies in Singapore and Indonesia. Offices in Vietnam and Myanmar are under establishment.

Dacon Inspection Technology BV.

Dacon has become GE's representative for distribution of Everest endoscopes in Holland. A new Dacon company has been established in Holland in 2014, with local employees.