Training Manikin

A robust training manikin is an important part of an evacuation drill. Dacon offers rescue training manikins that make the practice as realistic as possible.

Manikin being used in practice emergency situation

When working at sea, it is crucial to be prepared for any emergency situation that may occur. To ensure a successful rescue operation, it is vital that the crew has gone through realistic rescue training beforehand.

Dacon specializes in developing and supplying high-quality maritime rescue equipment that makes you prepared for any type of emergency. 

Manikin with wet suit being lifted out of water

Experts in Maritime Rescue Equipment

As a major supplier of both products and courses to the offshore industry in the 80s, we realised that many of the training manikins were too simply made. They were often both 

lightweight and unrealistic. 

As a result we decided to develop a training manikin that gives a real impression of what an emergency situation is like as it will “behave” similar to a real person. Training Manikin

Dacon Rescue Dummy 

We designed and developed the Dacon Rescue Dummy. This is a hyper realistic training manikin that is designed to resemble a human as much as possible. 

The Rescue Dummy has a realistic height (190 cm) and weight (up to 85 kg), which will give the crew a realistic impression of what it is like to be in a real rescue situation. 

The training manikin has realistic joints and limb movements, just like humans. The training manikin is not only used on ships and in training centres, but also by fire departments, police, in divers training and related fields. 

Made to Withstand Tough Conditions

In industries like the maritime industry, it is crucial that all equipment is made of high-quality, extremely rugged materials that can withstand even the harshest conditions. Dacon Rescue Dummy was designed with this in mind, and it is probably the most durable training manikin on the market today. 

The training manikin is made of a robust PVC-material, and is designed to be used in difficult conditions. It is extremely robust, and can even withstand falls from a vessel, a rig or a helicopter. 

The Rescue Dummy is versatile – it can be adjusted for a vertical or horizontal floating position, and is also available with a negative buoyancy for underwater SAR-training.

Manikin doll with full attachable wet suit

Combine the Manikin with Our Rescue Systems 

Dacon Rescue Dummy is ideal to use in combination with our man overboard recovery equipment. During evacuation drills, the crew can experience how an emergency situation feels and how to perform a successful rescue operation. 

Dacon offers a large range of high-quality rescue equipment for most types of vessels. If you combine the Dacon Rescue Dummy with our Rescue Net or any other of our products, you can be sure that the vessel is equipped with the most reliable rescue equipment available on the market today.

Are You Interested in Our Products?

Dacon is a leading supplier of maritime rescue equipment. All of our net products are DNV TEC-certified and known for their outstanding quality and durability. Our products are now being used and trusted by operators all over the world. 

Our products can be customized to meet your needs. If you’re interested in our training manikin or have any questions, we are happy to help you. Contact us today – welcome to Dacon!

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