Back in 1980 Dacon AS was operating as a diving company and among other jobs took part in the work after the Aleksander Kjelland platform disaster. Following the accident there was a great need for safety courses for Offshore workers. Dacon held this type of courses with a lot of focus on sea survival, surface/rescue swimming and first aid.

During these courses Dacon noted that there was a need for better equipment to recover distressed persons from the water into the rescue boats. It is rather difficult to lift onboard an unconscious person into a Fast Rescue Craft and more so if the crew is short handed and there are many casualties.

Hence the Dacon Rescue Frame was developed as a means to bring people onboard in a gentle, horizontal way where the boat itself took half the weight of the person. After that it evolved into more systems and the Dacon Rescue Scoop was born as a means of providing a rescue capability when the weather was too rough for a rescue basket or launching a rescue craft.

Now, same as then, the focus of Dacon Maritime Rescue department is to provide high quality tools for rescuing people from the water. Development and production remain local in the Oslo area and time has given us a reputation for providing inventive systems that can be relied on for many years to come.